Quest Recruitment – 2018 At A Glance


What a stellar year it has been here in Quest Recruitment. As usual, our day to day work was what we love – reaching out, speaking to candidates and connecting them with our clients to fit them into the perfect role for them. We want to take the opportunity of the new year to look back at the last 12 months and remember all that we have done as a Company and as a Team.


In January, we came back into the office refreshed after a great Christmas break (and it is now scary to think of how fast this year has flown!). We got straight back at it and to celebrate all the new opportunities we had open with clients, we did a competition in which you could receive 2 Taylor Swift tickets! Julie Walsh won these and enjoyed a fantastic night at what was called a spectacle by various papers in the aftermath.


In February, we were all trying to shelter from the ‘Beast from the East’. We put together a useful guide on how to use a Snow Day to your advantage when you are job searching.
Martin McFadden and Conor Brick from our Accountancy & Finance desk attended the Young Professionals FAE Careers Evening hosted by Chartered Accountants Ireland. Here, they spoke with recently qualified professionals and provided them with advice and answered any career related queries that they had.



In March, we attended a great GDPR masterclass, in preparation of May 25th, run by the National Recruitment Federation. We also attended an event entitled “Mental Health, Well-being & Nutrition in the Workplace” with David Gillick presenting. This is something close to our hearts as it is important to look after your health during the job seeking process and so we put together a guide for World Mental Health day that you can browse here.


In April, we attended the Autism Ireland headquarters in Multyfarnham, Westmeath, to mark World Autism Awareness day. This day was filled with joy and the Winners of the Autism Hero awards were also announced. To find out more about this, please follow this link.
We also attended the “Battle of the Businesses” in the Harbourmaster. This was a quiz with companies participating from all across the IFSC and raised funds for the Peter McVarry Trust. Unfortunately, we lost out by a few points to the winning team but we enjoyed our night!



In May, we exhibited at the National Finance Summit during which we attended talks to brush up on our industry knowledge and networked with others in attendance. Martin McFadden, manager of our Accountancy and Finance desk, delivered a well attended talk entitled “Your Perfect Job & Finding it in the Irish Finance Sector”. Martin also wrote an article for Accountancy Plus that was published called “Practice or Industry: The Overlooked Opportunities of Accountancy in 2018” which you can read here.



In June, we attended the World Employment Conference so that we could stay on top of recruitment and employment trends for the remainder of 2018 and 2019. This was an extremely insightful event and you can see our blog post about it here.
We were also enjoying the heatwave! Luckily, we were treated royally by management and there were perks such as Ice Cream in work to cool down and the occasional day where we could leave early and go enjoy the sunshine.


In July, we took some time in the sun to do a bit of team bonding! To do so, we engaged in a typical Dublin tourist attraction – the Viking Splash tour. During the summer months, this passes the Quest office on Merrion Square multiple times a day and we were all curious to see what we could learn on the tour. The team had a fantastic night and you can read out blog post about it here.

Staff Photo - Viking Splash - Quest Recruitment



In August, we announced Larry McCowen’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer of Quest Recruitment. This was an extremely exciting day and we were all delighted to see Larry progress after being with Quest for five years. We also ran a competition to win VIP tickets to River Dance in the Gaiety Theatre which Dana McIvor was lucky enough to win!



In September, we worked in conjunction with the Harbourmaster Bar in the IFSC to create a launch night for their new function room. In the lead up to the night, we ran a competition asking for the answer to “What sector does Quest Recruitment specialise in?”. The prize was a €500 one-for-all voucher which garnered great interest online and with over 400 entrants, Sandra Grehan was announced the winner on stage that night! Thanks again to Fred Cooke, Julie Johnson, Emma Doran and Martin Angolo for their comedic take on the night.


In October, the office underwent intense renovations in order to be ready for all that the New Year will bring. This included replacing windows, carpets and getting an entirely new kitchen area fitted!
As a team, we took part in the Squirrel Scramble. Now, if you are looking for a team building opportunity, we couldn’t recommend this enough. While encouraging each other throughout the course, everyone got the chance to lend a helping hand and ensure that we all got to a level that we were comfortable with. You can read more about it in our blog post!



In November, we launched our Graduate Hub. This is an extremely useful resource for any one that has recently graduated from secondary school or college and is looking for some direction about what to do next and how to go about it. We have articles about how to write your CV, how to go about the interview process and whether certain jobs in the Financial Services Sector could suit you.
We also attended the 2018 National Recruitment Federation Awards which took place in the Shelbourne Hotel on the 30th of November. We were nominated for Agency of the Year (Medium) and for Best in Practice, Accountancy and Finance. To say we were delighted would be an understatement. To learn more about the work that went into this achievement, check out our blog post on the topic here.


In December, we decorated the office to the nines for Christmas with tinsel and cheer for all.
Our Christmas Party for 2018 took place in the Harcourt Hotel. The theme was a casino night and so we all turned up in our best 007 looks.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our Clients, Candidates & Friends. We look forward to working with you for many more to come.

The Quest Offices will close on the 21st of December and reopen on the 7th of January for the Christmas break. 

In the meantime, feel free to upload your CV or apply to any of our active roles and our Consultants will reach out to you when we are back in the office.