How to use a potential snow day to set your career on fire!

  1. Revisit your CV
  2. We are all guilty of it – we leave our CV on the back-burner and often don’t go near it until we are ready to start applying for jobs. Now is the time to pay your CV a visit. It can be guaranteed that there will be experience and projects that you have completed, which over time, you can forget to include on your CV.  A productive hour spent on your CV is worthwhile – there are only so many reruns of friends that will keep you entertained!

  3. Get in touch with a Recruiter
  4. Granted, it can be difficult at times to take a call with a recruiter during the week between having to allocate a portion of your lunch break towards it or being cautious about where you take a call to ensure no one from work overhears. Now you have time to arrange a private call with a recruiter in the comfort of your own home. If you have never dealt with a recruiter previously then you have ample time to do your research to find a genuine recruiter that is relevant to your field.

  5. Job Hunting
  6. Job hunting can be a cumbersome process. Now you have the chance to explore all opportunities! Job sites like Monster and Irish jobs are particularly useful for professionals within the financial services industry. LinkedIn is also a useful tool for your job search whether you use it for browsing through job advertisements or connecting with potential employers.  If you are actively job hunting then it is worth look into changing your privacy settings to ‘’open to new opportunities’’ on LinkedIn so a recruiter can reach out to you privately. At Quest, we work exclusively with many of our clients and keep our website updated frequently with the latest opportunities in the market that you can find here.

  7. Contact Your Network
  8. We all know someone that knows someone! Never take your own network of contacts for granted! Using instant messaging like WhatsApp or Facebook Messaging and social media platforms  (aside from LinkedIn) like Instagram, Snap Chat and Twitter are all viable ways to get the message out there that you are seeking a new role. Take advantage of people being at home and off work to get a fast response!

  9. Do your research!
  10. If you come across a desired role that would be ideal for you, then research the company properly before applying.  Check out the reviews of company’s online such as Glassdoor, Google reviews and Social Media reviews. If you have 1st connections with employees of the company on LinkedIn, then there is no harm in dropping them an In-mail to get their perspective on the working environment. Ensure your retrieve your knowledge from a variety of sources to get a good overall picture of this.