How Does the Recruitment Process Work?

The recruitment and hiring process often depends on the company and what methodology the company uses to find particular talent.

In today’s competitive job market, HR will often work with a recruitment agency to help engage talent in a niche/ specialised sector that is often hard to find.

Here at Quest Recruitment, we specialise in the appointment of roles relating to Accounting & Practice and Risk & Compliance, to name a few.

Do I pay Quest to find me a job?

No, it is against the law for a recruitment agency to charge a job-seeker for registering them on a database and helping them in the job seeking process. There are often misconceptions that recruitment agencies will take a percentage of its candidate’s earnings as their fee but this is untrue. Most agencies operate on a scale of fees which the client will agree with the agency before any talent sourcing commences.

How Does Quest engage with talent?

Quest Recruitment engages with talent by following up on direct jobs applications from candidates that are actively looking for opportunities.  Quest also engages with talented individuals who are registered on our database, while simultaneously communicating with candidates who are ‘’passive’’ (not actively seeking work) through advanced sourcing and headhunting techniques, as aligned with the NRF best practices.

What happens next?

As an experienced agency, Quest will do its very best to guide its candidates through the job seeking process, from screening its candidates to interview prep and on-boarding upon placement while always taking its clients’ needs and requirements into account.

Is it advisable to build a relationship with an agency?

Yes. When an agency has a clear understanding of a candidate’s career goals and motivations, it is in a much better position to align them with the most appropriate vacancies.

Quest has successfully placed me in a role – what happens next?

The candidate may be subject to background checking – this can be a thorough process that has to meet certain requirements depending on the client that the candidate is successfully placed with.

Quest is always delighted to help candidates find the perfect role for them. If you are unsure about what recruitment agency to approach, always choose an agency that is a member of the NRF to ensure the best code of practice and that your interests always come first. If you are considering Quest as your agency of choice, make sure to check out our Brand Ambassador blogs!