The Bright Side Of Brexit

The Decision 

The UK public shocked the world earlier this year when they voted to exit the EU. This decision will, naturally, have serious implications for the world’s economies, including that of Ireland. However, we must keep in mind that with such momentous events also come opportunities for those who are willing to take action. In fact, according to recent research from the CFA Institute, 62% of investment professionals from around the world said Dublin would see a positive impact in its financial services sector. This shouldn’t come as a surprise either, as according to Central Bank data, Ireland was home to €3.8 Trillionin Assets under Administration at the end of 2015.

Along with news of the vote came rumours, unfounded ideas and a whole lot of hysteria, but it also led to many people across the UK applying for Republic of Ireland passports. There’s good reason for this too; being an English-speaking member of the EU that is a short flight from the UK and wouldn’t pose any major culture shocks was seen as the best relocation solution for many who were not happy with the outcome of the vote. This, of course, also applies to companies who want to keep enjoying the many benefits the EU offers, in particular free movement of goods and people (talent). This isn’t just a Brexit phenomenon, however, as there had been rumours of UK-based companies considering relocation to Ireland before the referendum ever took place, due to Ireland’s already very attractive business landscape.

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