Brand Ambassador – March 2019

Have you ever wanted to get an inside look into the recruitment process? We wanted to hear from one of our candidates how they felt throughout the recruitment process and so we reached out and asked Philip to give us an overview of what it was like to work with Quest Recruitment when looking for a new role.

  • How did you hear of Quest Recruitment?

I wasn’t familiar with Quest Recruitment but happened upon them as a recruitment agency when I applied for my current role.

  • What is your background?

I’m from a Finance background with professional qualifications in Accountancy (ACA) and with the Institute of Bankers (QFA).

  • How did you find the recruitment process?

I was well prepped for the interview in terms of getting a company background synopsis from Quest and tips on how to prepare for prospective interview questions.

  • How did you interact with your consultant?

I interacted with my recruitment consultant (Conor Brick) primarily through telephone conversations and follow up emails where we both kept each other appraised of any updates.

  • Do you enjoy your new role?

I initially had trepidations about joining my new company given the high staff turnover but I\’m enjoying the challenge as I felt like I was stagnating in my previous role.

  • Would you recommend Quest Recruitment to a family member or friend?

On a case by case basis, I only recommend a recruitment agency based on my knowledge and the experience I had with a consultant. Conor Brick acted with professionalism and integrity through the whole process. I get annoyed when recruitment agencies make unsolicited overtures and try to match you with job positions that you are either overqualified for or under equipped to do. Conor stayed on message and never tried to hard sell me on any roles that I didn\’t want and did his homework in trying to find out what I was looking for in a new role which I respect him for. In that regard I can recommend Conor Brick to family and friends.

  • Did this experience meet your expectations for enlisting the services of a recruitment company?

I definitely think the recruitment agency was a value-add in this instance in terms of aiding me to research the role better and to get inside information on the company I now work for.

  • What was the most memorable moment during your experience with us?

The abiding memory I have with my interaction with Conor Brick was his patience and empathy. I had to put my job search on hold as I had torn my ACL and other recruitment agencies tried to foist interviews on me without acknowledging I was unable to travel during that period. Conor made a note of it and always asked me respectfully for an update on my situation before even discussing the prospect of renewing the job search. He had no problem rescheduling calls/meetings during this time and always kept me informed of the latest developments with the job I expressed my interest in.

Here at Quest, we were delighted to hear Philip\’s feedback and we hope that it inspires your confidence in the Recruitment Process. If you are curious to see what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us on 01 676 0505 or

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