Quest at the Viking Splash Tour

On Friday, the 6th of June, some of Team Quest became Team Viking! While celebrating the unusually good weather, it was decided that a spin on the DUKW was just what was needed.

Here at Quest, we have always admired the Viking Splash Tour as it goes past our office on Merrion Square multiple times a day and we were curious what other snippets of information we could gain. (Did you know the windows on our building become smaller the further up the building they are to give the illusion that they are taller?)

It became clear early into the tour, that this was not only fun but also extremely informative. A few of us are not Dubs and so it meant learning more about the city we have moved to (I’m sure the Dubliners learnt a thing or two as well!).

One of our favourite facts from the tour was the origin of the phrase “to chance your arm”. This we learnt as we drove past St. Patricks Cathedral and Viking Cara told the story of the Door of Reconciliation, which now hangs in the Cathedral.  Check this out.

We survived our dip in the water and then, once we had our land legs back, walked on to Red Torch Ginger, a well-deserved treat after a history lesson on a Friday afternoon.