Two Golden Rules When It Comes To Your Interview

  1. You need to Prepare! – Prepared candidates impress clients!

As part of our service, we offer the opportunity to take you through a mock interview prior to your onsite interview with the client. Use this facility!!

  1. Dress to Impress:

Dessing smartly and arriving early (5 – 10 minutes will give you the opportunity to relax into the environment and mentally prepare for the interview). A good, firm handshake and a smile are vital. A positive first impression is very important.

Interview Tips & Techniques

Here are some pointers to help conduct a successful interview:

Research: Make sure you have researched a bit about the company. Companies will be pleased to see that 1) you have made the effort, and 2) you know a little about the history and the workings of the company. Also if you have a job description, make sure you read it and be sure this is a job you think you could perform well in.

Your CV: Review your CV and make sure you know your CV. You will be expected to talk the interviewer through your CV, giving examples to back up every point. Don’t spend much time talking about past positions which have no relevancy to the role you are applying for. Concentrate on points that show your suitability to the role.

Be Punctual: Make sure you have correct directions for where you are going, that you understand them, and give yourself plenty of time to get there. Arriving early will give you time to compose yourself before the interview.

Remember: There are very few acceptable excuses for being late, so if you find yourself unavoidably detained, phone us immediately and give the reason you are delayed and an approximate arrival time – we will then explain to the company that you are running a little late etc

The interview starts as soon as you walk into the room: Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and smile. Show them that you are a confident person. Facial Expressions and Eye Contact play a big part in an interview. Try not to be nervous – interviewers can sometimes be just as nervous. Only answer what you are being asked, be careful not to ramble!

Structured interviews require specific answers. Structured interviews are very common – this is format, not rocket science. A structured interview involves being interviewed by two or three people, and usually takes place after the position has been screened through the filling in of the application form.

In a structured interview, candidates may be asked to clarify points or examples they made in their application form. It is crucial that candidates know and remember all information written and submitted. Members of the interview panel will ask for examples of your core skills and experience. They require candidates to provide specific and detailed examples when answering questions about past or current experiences. The skills areas of the application form will be thoroughly explored with all candidates but not necessarily in the same order as appeared in the application form.

In a structured interview questions are extremely specific, so reply with the same structure to your answers. Listen carefully, as there is a set time for each question and response.