Prepping your workload for the bank holiday weekend

We all love a good bank holiday weekend whether the sun is splitting the stones, it is lashing rain, or you are being pelted with hailstones – the thoughts of spending extra time with family, planning a trip or just having an extra lie in puts us in a great mood!

The flip side of this is that some of us end up having to fit a five-day work week into a four-day week which can put extra stress on us on the lead up to the bank holiday and the dreaded post-bank holiday Tuesday. There are ways to combat this though! You can even out your workload before you head off on your mini-break, get to the pub or create a pillow fort at home that you don’t leave for the three days!

Preparation and organisation is key so we’ve decided to give you some handy tips that have worked for us here in Quest in the past:

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

It may seem like common sense but so many problems can be avoided by simply communicating with your colleagues. Meetings and other arrangements can be pushed forward when there is a bank holiday Monday. If you have had to rearrange anything, ensure your colleagues are in the loop – things can get messy otherwise! Make sure that everyone has the new time for your meeting in their calendar. Sometimes, if the meeting is not something that is vital to have immediately on the Tuesday morning, it can be nice to push it out further in the week or forego it for a week as everyone catches up on the work they missed. 

  1. Plan operational requirements in advance

Similar to the previous point, there are somethings that just can’t be rescheduled due to a bank holiday! Businesses will have deadlines and priorities that need to be handled. When staff are out of the office, there is a knock-on effect so some forward thinking and planning  can go a long way towards ensuring not only an easier workload but also happier clients welcoming you back on Tuesday. 

  1. Make a checklist

Make sure that you take note of everything you would normally do on a Monday and figure out who to integrate this into your Tuesday and Wednesday workload. By making a checklist, you will be more likely to stay on top of everything and not feel frazzled when back in the office. Set your thoughts down on paper or type up a list that you can cross off as you go and track what you are doing! 

  1. Lock up properly!

Once you are in the bank holiday spirit, it’s easy to forget simple routine things like locking up and ensuring everything is 100% secure. Break-ins are more common during the bank holiday and the last thing you want having ignored the previous three points is to come back to a computer-less desk!

  1. Take advantage of bank holiday mode

Depending on your line of work, the majority of people that you are dealing with will also be off for the Bank Holiday – take advantage of this! Everyone tends to be a bit happier and more receptive in the lead up to the holiday so make sure that where you would usually sign off your email with a “Happy Friday” to sign off  with “Have a great long weekend!” reminding them that they are about to have a longer break than normal! 

  1. Enjoy your weekend!

The best way to prep for a shorter week with the usual workload is to feel refreshed and, most importantly, to feel as though whatever you got up to was worth what Tuesday will throw at you. So enjoy yourself! While we are lucky in Ireland to get so many bank holidays they feel far and in between once you are settled into your company!