Top 7 Tips to Nail a Job with the Perfect Interview Technique

Everyone, at some stage of their lives, has had to prepare themselves for a job interview; whether it be for a fintech job, a fund accounting job or a role in some other industry. Pitting your talents, abilities, charisma and likeability against similar people who are also aiming to nail that perfect job can be quite daunting. Only the most assured people experience no nerves and arrive at the interview full of vim and vigour with the full expectations of getting the role offered to them. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we need to prepare extensively for the whole process. Therefore, provided below are some top interview tips to make the whole process a lot easier and increase your chances of success when the big day arrives.

1. Fail to prepare is prepare to fail

This caveat has been around for a long time but holds true for nearly all of life’s situations. Here at Quest, we cannot tell you how many times we have interviewed someone, or been told by a colleague, that when the interviewer asks the candidate questions such as “What do we do here?” or “Tell me a little bit about what you know about our company?”, they are met with blank stares, head scratching and the polite “Dunno” grin and head nod. It’s pretty much downhill from here for the candidate if they are unable to answer this basic question.

In order to avoid this issue, do your research first! Valuable information can be gleaned from the company website, searching for the company in Google, looking on social media, etc. Looking through these mediums allows you to be provided with this information which may give you that all important edge over your competitors.

2. Get a good night’s sleep the night before

This might sound obvious but a good night’s rest is vital. The last thing an interviewer wants to see is the candidate looking sleepy or stifling a yawn while being asked questions or discussing the role on offer.

3. Be well groomed for your interview

First impressions last so it is vital to make a good one as you only get one chance to make it. A well presented candidate gives a good impression and shows the interviewer that you are serious about the role that you are applying for.

4. Quiz yourself on potential interview questions

It is always a good idea to look at potential questions that may be posed to you before the interview. Some stock questions include:

  • “Why do you think you would be suitable for this role?”
  • “Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?”
  • “Describe a time where you had to delegate a difficult task to a co-worker”

These appear time and time again and are almost on the first page of every HR course and qualification out there! Of course, there are the more obscure questions such as one posed from Jiffy Software which was “Have you ever stolen a pen from work?”. A little bit out there, but guaranteed to make the candidate do a bit of a double take when asked it.

5. Scan your social media for “inappropriate content”

Surveys have shown that almost 50% of potential employers search for candidates on channels such as Facebook and Twitter. If your weekend entertainment usually involves dressing up as Jack Sparrow and drinking yards of ale, it may be better for you if your potential employer is kept in the dark…

6. Be punctual

This is an absolute must when attending any interview. A late candidate knocks off the interviewer schedule and affects every other interview scheduled for that role. Getting in the bad books of a potential employer even before you arrive at the interview is not the best of starts.

7. Try to relax when you meet the interviewer

This is very difficult for a lot of people but there is a reason why we left this tip as last on the list. By following the preceding tips and spending time addressing them before the interview, it will greatly assist your ability to relax and remain calm and collected. The confidence you will feel by realising you have prepared extensively for the interview will translate into your demeanour and body language, making the whole process much more bearable. This is sure to show through to the interviewer and get you closer to being offered the role you have applied for.

Now you are fully prepared, it’s time to get out there and find that perfect job!