GoQuest Team Building Day

Thursday October 20th

Last Thursday, October 20th, the Quest team decided to put their skills to the test with a team building day at GoQuest (no relation!). The first obstacle, however, had to be overcome before ever stepping foot in the adventure centre as the bus journey almost proved too much for many. The bumps and swerves reminded us all of our last rollercoaster ride, especially those of us who had big lunches to fuel themselves for the day of activities ahead! When we arrived, we were split in to four teams and set off on the quest for glory. Unfortunately, only one team could win, with one of the four teams just barely managing to find their way back to the room where it all began!

Team Excercises

The team exercises showed us the importance of working as one, especially in a fast-paced environment like recruitment. Throughout the day, we learnt not only how to work as teams but also why we should work as teams. We saw how working as a unit can benefit each individual to no end and, as a result, the whole organisation. The team building exercises we took part in did just that; they built teams. They allowed leaders to emerge, communication to be natural and clear and projects to be completed in a decisive and timely manner. We all learnt something new about ourselves and a lot about who we are as a team, but most importantly we realised that we already had the skills necessary to function effectively as one; we just had to organise them to maximise our potential.

All in all, it was a great day enjoyed by all that tested our leadership, communication, time management, decision making, competitiveness, problem solving and motivation skills. As the real reward for our efforts (and only reward for the three losing teams!), we capped off a fantastic day with delicious food at Il Café di Napoli and the rest, as they say, was history.