Financial Technology Salary Survey 2017 – Market Overview

2016 was an excellent year for recruitment in Ireland and 2017 is proving to be no different, despite the uncertainty surrounding world events (none more so than Brexit). Unemployment in Ireland is down to a very healthy 6.3% (down 2 percentage points from the same time last year) leaving us in a strong position coming into Q4.

The tech recruitment market, has never been more competitive and this trend continues as time and technology advances. Developers with skills such as Scala, Python and Big Data are in ever increasing demand. There is however, a so called ‘skills gap’ in the IT/Tech market in Ireland. Often times, the home-grown talent is just not there, particularly when looking at newer, cutting edge technology. This leaves us little option but to attract international talent/Irish diaspora, which in itself brings a whole new set of issues.

You can download full salary survey here —- > Financial Technology Salary Survey 2017