Brexit: Forget the 85 page form – we’ll help you settle in Ireland!

When we talk about Brexit there is much talk of the corporations, Financial Services, the passporting regulations and implications that Brexit brings with it. Will they stay in London? Will they leave? But what about you? What does it mean for you, the worker?

There is still a lot which is unclear as the Brexit deadline looms closer and closer. What is becoming increasingly clear though, is that Teresa May is not likely to back down and this will almost certainly have negative impacts on non UK passport holders, regardless of how long you have been resident in the UK. According to the Independent: Theresa May has repeatedly refused to guarantee that the 3 million EU citizens living in the UK will be able to remain in the country after Brexit.

It has come to light over the past few days that any non-UK passport holder (Irish Included) wishing to remain in the UK will be required to complete an 85 page form (+ the supporting documentation required which most will need the assistance of lawyers and accountants to gather) with a processing fee of £65 per applicant (£260 for a family of 4). On top of this, Immigration lawyers are charging up to £1000 per application to help with the process which can take more than two weeks to complete. With the increase in applications the Home Office is currently working with a backlog of four months. A total of 18 weeks and £4260 for a family of 4 wishing to remain in the UK.

Even without the inevitable shift of the aforementioned corporations and multinationals there is a wealth of opportunity less than a 45minute flight from your doorstep. Here in Ireland there are more and more corporations dedicating investment to the Irish market. Recently we have had announcements of hundreds of jobs around the country from the likes of Microsoft (600 jobs) and Accenture (300 jobs) announcing major expansions to their Irish workforce. In total there has been approx. 2000 new jobs announced in Ireland in the past few weeks alone. All of this without any movers from the UK yet.

Within Financial Services and FinTech particularly, the busiest areas over the last few months have been OO Software development, Big Data Development, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Business Analysis, Fund Accounting, Transfer Agency, and Client Services & Depositary/Trustee.

 If you work in Technology or Financial Services, there will surely be opportunity for you here in Ireland, where the grass is greener and you wont have to fill out an 85 page form!  At Quest we will be able to advise on the best roles and opportunities for you in Financial Services & FinTech sectors. To see a sample of some roles we have open currently visit