Blue Bucket Challenge – We Want Your Vote!

We are excited to be holding a Blue Bucket Challenge event to help raise funds for our charity of the year Irish Autism Action. As always, we are very passionate about this charity and we hope to raise as much funds as possible.

What is the Blue Bucket Challenge? 

Think Ice bucket challenge but with blueberry juice! Irish Autism Action is renowned for its blue color when raising awareness for Autism. With this in mind, Quest have decided to rehash the ice bucket challenge. The chosen nominee will face the ordeal of a bucket of blue juice being splashed over them! We have nominated 5 of our staff who are up for election to take on this challenge. The good news is YOU CAN VOTE for who you think should be chosen to do this challenge.

How do I vote?

You can vote by emailing your chosen nominee to Maureen at with the subject line ”Blue Bucket Challenge”. Deadline to get your votes in is Friday 27th October.

How can I make a donation?

We are so grateful for every donation made. You can donate safely through our Everyday Hero page here.

Our 5 nominees 
Larry McCowen, Managing Partner 
Louise Delaney, Senior Executive Consultant

Martin McFadden, Senior Recruitment Consultant – Accounting & Finance

Lee McGlone, FinTech Recruitment Consultant

Evelyn Hanlon , Senior Recruitment Consultant – Funds