At Home With Quest: 5th December 2017

1. How did a career in recruitment catch your attention?

I had been working in sales for a number of years and didn’t have the need or function to work directly with people and build relationships. For me this was the one downfall. I also enjoy being in a performance based job as it keeps you motivated to always try and over achieve. After learning about the huge growth in the recruitment space and the major shortage of specific talent in Ireland, it made the decision for me. Helping people in an important stage of their life and the thanks and appreciation you receive is the reason it will keep my attention!

2. What is a typical day like for you at Quest?

My day usually starts at 7:45am responding to all emails and queries prior to beginning my day plan. I then write out between 3 – 5 things I want to achieve that day and then base my activities around achieving those goals, so no two days are the same! The only typical part of my day is when a candidate or client needs my assistance, everything that can wait does and the customer comes first.

3. What is the best part of your working day at Quest?

Working with people who have a genuine interest in helping people. Normally in sales jobs, people are only motivated by money, so it’s refreshing to work with people who value long term relationships over quick wins.

4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself that not many people know.

I buy cat food every week but have no cats. I take care of around 5 stray cats in my area so I am the crazy cat man that has no cats.

5. What is your advice to candidates who are seeking a new position?

I would say having a good picture of what you want and choosing the correct recruiter are essential. There are a lot of recruiters out there so only give your time to the ones who give you time and have your interests at heart.