At Home With Quest: 21st November 2017

Having spent over a decade within Corporate Security, Kieron made the transition to Funds and Financial Services Recruitment and has, over the past two years, secured new roles for nearly 40 professionals across functions such as Fund Accounting, Transfer Agency, Corporate Trust, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, and AML amongst others.

Now a Senior Consultant, Kieron is a key contact for some of our most reputable clients here at Quest and he is available for advice on the market, CV formatting and interview preparation/ competency coaching.

1.  How did a career in recruitment catch your attention?

I’d spent over a decade working in an industry with no work-life balance which wasn’t very rewarding but I did enjoy the daily interaction with people. My most recent role was leading a team in Corporate Security at a Financial Services firm in the IFSC; talking to staff I met every day about the industry they worked in led to me to believe that there was a lot of growth in this area and I felt helping those same people was an area I could do well in.

With that in mind, I did some research on Financial Services recruitment and that led me to Quest – being told that the work was rewarding, challenging and people-focused was enough for me!

2.  What is a typical day like for you at Quest?

I don’t think there’s such thing as a typical day in recruitment – things move and change quickly; from sourcing talent for a new role that has just come in from one of our clients to talking to someone who has phoned in to discuss the market, preparing people for interviews in the morning, to chatting to Managers about their hiring strategies in the afternoon. It never stops and it’s never boring!

What’s key is organisation, solid communication skills and most importantly, understanding:  the market, the needs of the candidates and the needs of the clients.

3. What is the best part of your working day at Quest?

This will vary between recruitment consultants but for me, its interview preparation – a lot people find it difficult or even uncomfortable, to talk about how good they are at what they do and it can come across as a lack of confidence, or worse, a lack of preparation.

Not many people enjoy interviews – I’ve always enjoyed helping great professionals feel more confident about the process by ensuring that they’re focused on the most relevant aspects of their experience, that they’re comfortable recalling their challenges, and that they can still be themselves when they meet their potential new employers.

4. Tell us an unusual fact about yourself that not many people know.

I’ve been writing poetry for over twenty years and have had work published (under a pseudonym and no, I’m not giving the name away!)

5. What is your advice to candidates who are seeking a new position?

Don’t fire your CV everywhere all at once through multiple jobs boards and adverts – you’ll be inundated with calls and your profile will likely be duplicated with companies you would really like to work for.

Securing a new role should not be a panic buy but a shrewd long-term investment.

People often forget that utilising a recruitment agency is a free service so shop around; research agencies and their specialities, talk to consultants and select one to work with so that you have a single point of contact, have a solid record of where your CV has been sent and can build a relationship – at Quest, we work with a multitude of excellent clients in the Funds sector and often have roles that are not advertised, we do not send your CV without your expressed permission, we operate a generous referral scheme AND we’re ordinary people who love to chat.