At Home With Quest: 16th November 2017

Conor attained a Bachelor of Business Studies in 2008; following on from that completed a Masters in Computational Finance in 2009 – both acquired from the University of Limerick. Thereafter, Conor moved to Dubai in the summer of 2009 where he worked in the education sector for a period of four years before returning to Ireland in 2013 where he began a career in financial recruitment. As of July 2017, we are lucky to have Conor as part of our Accounting and Finance team.

How did a career in recruitment catch your attention?

There were a number of facets that attracted me to recruitment, but the level of daily interaction with clients and candidates was a particularly appealing component.  I believe I am quite a personable individual, so I felt a career in the industry would be a good fit for me.

What is a typical day like for you at Quest?

A typical day in Quest involves engaging in all aspects of the recruitment process, while apportioning your time correctly to yield results. In doing this, you are constantly engaging with an ambitious, cohesive and supportive team. A typical day is an enjoyable one, which demands work ethic, while working in a positive, friendly and fun environment.

What is the best part of your working day at Quest?

I think the best part of the day is speaking with a candidate who is engaged with an opportunity you have presented them with. In addition, it’s in knowing they would be a good match for the opportunity and that you have correctly identified them.

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself that many people don’t know.

I can solve a rubix cube in under 30 seconds. This may or may not be true.

*SPOILER ALERT* This is not true

What is your advice to candidates who are seeking a new position?

The piece of advice I would offer candidates is to ensure your CV is up-to-date and includes anything at all relevant to the role you are applying for. If you feel your experience to date makes you a good fit for the opportunity, there is no reason you shouldn’t be confident and assertive at interview stage.