7 deadly sins (Your CV)

  1. Avoid large clunks of writing – it can be very hard on the eyes to glance over. Bullet point where possible and keep sentences and avoid long sentences.
  2. Irrelevant work experience – this can be a red flag for a lot of hiring managers. It can be time wasting for someone to read through and can decrease your chances of getting called for interview as it can appear a bit scatty.
  3. Weak choice of wording – commonly used words such as ‘’helped’’, ‘’motivated’’ ‘’enthusiastic’’ can come across a little bland. If you have taken the effort to apply for the job, then the hiring manager is going to assume that you are motivated and enthusiastic. It is worth using strong active verbs such as ‘’…’’ to demonstrate that you are a doer.
  4. Length – There is a lot of conflicting advice out there as to how long a CV should be. Time is money for a lot of hiring managers out there and anything that goes past the three pages mark is too in depth for someone to scan through.
  5. Typos – There is no excuse for typos. They simply should not exist on your CV. They show a lack of attention to detail and poor accuracy. Make sure you have someone proof read your CV before submitting it for review anywhere.
  6. Being too generic – You are trying to stand out from the crowd. Being generic is going to do you no favours here. Make sure you personalise your CV to the best of your ability. If you see something on your CV that you think everyone else will have, then think about how it can be improved.
  7. Not adding Value – Employers higher people not only based on their skill set but also for the problems that you can solve to make their lives easier. Clarify how you can add value to the tem whether it be demonstrating ways you have saved a team money or have contributed to their revenue etc.

After you have written your CV, pass it to a friend to look over and get their opinion on it. A fresh set of eyes can make a huge difference.