6 Ways To Lighten Up The Workplace


The Office Dog

It’s no secret that most people love to see a few tails wagging around the place! Providing no one is allergic, office dogs are a great way to evoke entertainment and will keep you fit in the process if you end up being the one running after them! We have our own office dog (and troublemaker) Molly.  She’s part of the team and even has her own LinkedIn Profile (here).

Funny Quote Board

This will go down a treat at work. We have all been victims at some stage of speaking before we think, subsequently cracking the office up! Use a spare section of the whiteboard and write a funny quote on it whenever you hear a colleague slip up.  Some of our favourite quotes have been ‘’They would like to meet you for a phone interview” and ”It’s a blessing in the skies”.

Team Events

We really look forward to these and try to hold them frequently. Previous events have been anything from team building games (we highly recommend Go Quest or The Adventure Rooms) to comedy nights or physical pursuits like Tough Mudder.  These events are well worth it and always bring a sense of comradery to our office.

Snack and Fruit Stash

Once a week, a fruit box is delivered to our office and definitely helps those who are trying to get into a healthy groove for the New Year. Let’s not forget about those who love a KitKat on their break, though! We also get a snack box delivered to the office every week which supports local charities so employees can tuck into their favourite bar of chocolate and still be able to do some good for charity – Sweet deal.



Communal Lunch

A communal lunch can be a great idea to get everyone around the table. We typically have a day dedicated to this known as the famous Fat Friday. From Nandos, to Dublin Pizza Company to Camille, we’ve devoured it all! It’s an easy way to get together and catch up with colleagues.

We will admit that this is a stock photo – ours was too tasty to get a pic!

Office Pranks

There’s nothing wrong with a good aul’ office prank – if it’s seldom. Think about the upcoming holidays – if it’s April fool’s day or Halloween then maybe your colleagues could do with a good fright.  If Christmas is coming up then maybe one of your colleagues might be lucky enough to get a call from Santa himself – who knows?