5 Ways to beat the Monday Blues

It is a well-known fact that Mondays are not everyone’s favourite day of the week (unlike Friday, who doesn’t love Friday?). However, it does not have to be this way! We have put together some useful tips that you can follow to ensure that you no longer suffer from that dreaded Sunday night fear.

  • Set Yourself Up for the Week Ahead

Use your weekend to set yourself up for the best week that you can possibly have. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways such as;

      • Create a to-do list for Monday morning when you leave the office on Friday. Try not to overload this list and just think of key things that you must look after when you come back in from the weekend such as “clear your e-mails”. This can lead to reduced stress level.

      • Pick your outfit out in advance. If you prepare what you are going to wear before Monday morning, you are eliminating a stressful factor. By wearing something that makes you feel good, you can take away a bit of the apprehension you feel towards a new week!

      • Make your favourite lunch so that you can look forward to it throughout the day.

  • Take care of yourself

This is extremely important point. Make sure to eat breakfast, boost your metabolism and give yourself a head start! If you skip breakfast, you risk being cranky and you may be preventing yourself from being in a good mood (we can definitely relate to this here at Quest). If you’re not a ‘breakfast’ person, make sure to take some moments to yourself. Your morning meal can be a good time to sort out your thoughts and goals for the day. Therefore, if it is not something you take part in, use the time instead for a brief period of meditation. You could also hit the gym and clear your mind for the week to come. We all know (even if we don’t want to admit it) that a gym session releases endorphins, it can make us feel better about ourselves and you can come into work on a Monday morning knowing that you have already accomplished something with your day.

  • Use your commute to your advantage

However you get to work, be it walking/running/cycling/busing/driving, this is time that you can be using to prepare yourself and your mental state for the day to come. Some people like to listen to podcasts on their way to work. Not only can podcasts be entertaining, they can also be educational without you even realising. Others listen to upbeat music which is universally known to be mood altering. Put on something that never fails to bring a smile to your face and you could be skipping into work!

  • Look at the rest of the week and get excited

Most of us dread Mondays, not because we dislike our jobs, but because they signify the end of the weekend. But who said you can only have fun on the weekend? Schedule something low key on weeknights to look forward to. Something as simple as watching TV with a friend, going for coffee after work or joining a sports team can increase your mood and make the week less daunting.

  • Treat yourself!

This is a well-used phrase in this day and age but that doesn’t lessen its value. Sometimes you need to be nice to yourself in order to improve your day. Set up a standing coffee date with one of your work colleagues during your break on a Monday where you can discuss your weekend and can look at your week together. Take some time on your way home to window shop or cook yourself a dinner that makes you smile!

If you try all of our tips and still find that you are suffering from the Monday blues, there could be a deeper cause and it may be time to consider switching your environment. Luckily, here at Quest, we are always available to help you on your journey to the perfect banking & finance role. Contact us today on 016760505 or info@questrecruitment.ie and help us make Monday blues a distant memory.