5 Fascinating Ways to Digitally Engage Your Employees

Employee engagement is one of the main roles of a company’s Human Resource department. When done right, employees become happier and more productive at work – and acts as a tool to improve collaboration and a sense of community within the office. This is quite easy for small and medium-sized companies to attain because the number of employees are quite manageable. For large companies however, and for those who have scattered office locations or remote employees across different areas, employee engagement could prove to be a challenge.

Fortunately, the advancement of digital technology has enhanced the way we communicate.  Although personal communication still has its benefits, digital engagement is simply the best alternative out there if actual and personal engagement cannot take place. Below are just 5 great ways to do this:

  • Encourage virtual learning and coaching

There are many ways to do this. It can either be through enrolling employees on a virtual class or webinar, or it could also be through one-on-one coaching and mentoring via video calls or streaming.

Regular coaching and mentorship sessions allow employees to develop their leadership skills, and best of all, it becomes easier for them to assess themselves and improve on any shortcomings without necessarily being nudged by the manager and HR department. Mentorship of course gives employees a sense of community, and it provides them with a network of opportunities – especially for those who come from unique backgrounds.

  • Foster agile management

Traditional and bureaucratic processes can easily paralyse any organisation, and it can be especially frustrating for employees who now have access to digital tools and communication. To encourage open communication among employees, it is important for them to know that they can use whatever tools (such as emails and live chats) at their disposal to improve and streamline any of their processes, and that they can suggest points of improvement through these channels and have support for it.

  • Maintain one platform for collaboration

Collaboration can also go digital, and that is part of engagement. With a reliable platform, employees that work from different locations don’t have to waste time just to meet up and converge personally about the project – all that can be completed through digital means.

Platforms such as Asana and Basecamp are great tools for project collaboration – they do not just get the work done, but also improve teamwork and engagement between employees as well. However, it is recommended to just use one platform so employees do not get confused and overwhelmed with different interfaces and functions.

  • Encourage open discussion via a company blog/social media page

Another platform where employees can engage is a company blog or social media pages which could serve as an open board for discussion. These pages can be used for crowd-sourcing, brainstorming, and even general announcements (such as lost and found notices, work memos, holiday messages and company announcements).

Although they are primarily functional, the channel can also be a form of respite from a monotonous day at work – employees can chat and share ideas in a fun and more interactive way, and they get to have a stronger sense of community and camaraderie.

  • Recognise employees digitally.

In a traditional office setting, employees that get recognised are those who are more visible – such as managers, supervisors, team leaders and micro-managerial roles. This is because their tasks usually include liaising between different departments and team members, and naturally, their presence becomes more dominant than the others.

Employees at the production line rarely get noticed, but with a digitalised workplace, it can give every employee a chance to be represented and recognised. With collaboration accounts, company blogs and social media pages, everyone working on a project and those constantly engaging with other teams will be known.

Digital recognition also gives a moral boost to every employee – and it does not even have to come with a gift card! Recognition can be achieved more frequently – on a weekly basis through verbal communication, saving monetary gifts for a monthly basis (emulating a rewards or point-based system to keep employees motivated).

The bottom line is, every engagement (whether digitally or personally) should aim to improve teamwork, collaboration, productivity and motivation for every employee. Digital processes can be easily streamlined and avoid red tape, but also improves the relationships between employees, teams and management. It also gives every person a sense of accountability, seeing that each of their output can be traced and observed from the very beginning and end of each project.

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