6 TV & Movie Characters that should exist in every workplace

Don Draper – Madmen

Don Draper is best known for his incredibly creative mind. Whether your industry is financial services or advertising, every workplace needs more creative minds because creativity inspires greatness in all aspects of business.  A smart charismatic individual, Don can talk his way out of a tricky situation on behalf of the company when needed. Equally, he’s a risk taker and will try new ventures for the benefit of the company.

Monica Geller – Friends

Mandatory Credit: Photo by NBCUPHOTOBANK / Rex Features ( 1076278g )
FRIENDS — Pictured: (l-r) Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green
Friends – 1995


Love them or hate them, every workplace could do with a clean freak like Monica – someone who likes to see order and cleanliness wherever she goes. Whether the kitchen needs a good clean or those desks could do with some sprucing up, you can be sure a character like Monica will be the first to jump on this bandwagon and ensure order is restored. Let’s face it – a tidy workplace ensures a clearer, more productive mind!

Father Dougal McGuire – Father Ted

No matter what the work environment, there will inevitably be times when work can become stressful, leading to a tense atmosphere. Having a joker among the pack like Dougal can lighten the mood, whether purposefully or not. We all need a good laugh at times. Sometimes, just by looking at a character like Dougal, your burden is lessened.

Sheldon Cooper  – The Big Bang Theory


While he may be a little overbearing at times, an intellectual mind like Sheldon’s is always important to have around in the workplace. Logic and directness will always go far and is always appreciated – just as long as, unlike Sheldon, there is some emotional intelligence and tact to go along with it!

Harvey Specter – Suits

Dressing well and having a neat appearance can be an essential part of many workplace dress codes. We can look no further than Harvey Specter for some inspiration here. Known for his made-to-measure suits with peaked lapels, big collared shirts and Windsor-knotted power ties, Harvey Specter exudes confidence through his wardrobe and body language.

Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

The much loved ‘Mother of Dragons’ is a natural-born compassionate leader who is resourceful and collaborative in her approach. Her charisma naturally enhances her leadership capabilities while her sense of morality evokes respect in those that follow her. A leader like Daenerys is an asset to every organisation, carrying employees through the bad times as well as the good.