6 Steps to Ace a Video Interview

In an increasingly technological world, there has been an increase in the number of firms conducting job interviews via video.  This can put an increased amount of pressure on candidates in the case that they are camera shy or scared of how they will come across when not sitting directly in front of the interviewer. It can also have an effect on the body language that you use when interviewing as there is no physical person in front of you.

1. What Platform?

There are two types of video interviews you may find yourself taking part in. Either you will use generic video software such as Skype or Google Hangouts, or you will use something like Asyncinterview, which will give you the chance to answer pre-recorded questions with a time limit to do this in.

2. Getting the Ambience Right!

Before the interview starts, make sure that you are well set up – this includes checking the physical space around you to ensure that it is clean and quiet and also making sure that you have a professional email address/skype account that you will be using as an identifier for the call. Double check your computer and ensure that your audio and video equipment is streaming efficiently. If you own earphones with a built in microphone or a headset, it may be useful to use these for the interview as you will find less background noise creeping in than if you use the built in camera or webcam.

3. Set-Up

It is important to treat the interview similar to an in person interview. Place your computer in such a way that you will be at eye level with whoever is on the other end. Look directly into the camera when speaking and nodding so that you do not look distracted or disinterested in what the other person is saying. Make sure to be aware of your body language, nod and gesture where appropriate in the conversation.  Something that is good to double check is that there is no light casting a shadow on your face and that your face is illuminated so that the interviewer can see you.

4. Dress it up

Just because your interview is taking place via video, does not mean that you can dress down. We have all heard horror stories of people doing video interviews that have ended up going array (check out this video by Foil, Arms & Hogs to see what we mean). Dress as you would for a traditional interview and ensure that you are not wearing any patterns that could interfere with the camera such as white, bright colours or distracting patterns.

5. Distractions? No thanks!

Also, remember to remove any auditory distractions from the room that you are interviewing in such as turning your phone on silent or leaving it another room so that you are not tempted to check it. That way it cannot disrupt your call. If there is anyone else in your house/apartment, make sure to inform them that you are taking part in a video interview and so will need exclusive use of the room that you are in.

6. Prep work to the side

Something you can do with a Video interview that you do not have the opportunity to do in person, is have some notes that you prepared before time available off screen. If you do feel like you require these, make sure to keep them short and simple, so that you can get inspiration from them by taking a quick look when speaking. If it is done in a natural movement, it won’t raise suspicion from the interviewer. A useful thing to have written down is any questions that you have for the interviewer that you may not think of in the moment. Take the time to prepare some of these before the interview and at the end, if asked do you have any questions, use these as a guide.

If you are nervous before the interview, make sure to read through our interview preparation guide and reach out to the consultant that you have been working with. They will be able to talk you through the entire interview process and hopefully help keep your nerves in check.

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