6 CV Tips that will make you stand out

Your CV is your chance to show your personal brand to employers so it is crucial to highlight your skillset in the best light as possible. Remember, when submitting your CV for a role, it is often the case that a hiring manager can only judge you on what you have on that piece of paper – It needs to be thought about carefully!

  1. Outline what makes you stand out – Don’t be a sheep

The jobs market within the Financial Services sector is competitive. Sell to the hiring manager what makes you stand out! Employers don’t hire purely based on skillset – they also hire individuals who can solve their problem and make their life easier. Demonstrate how you can resolve company problems and contribute to the company revenue.

  1. Your layout has to be clear! – No room for clutter

An average hiring manner will spend 20 – 30 seconds scanning your CV. It has to be easy on the eye. Often it will be the case where a recruiter or Hiring Manager will be looking for certain specialised skills. It is worthwhile to bullet point a lot of your CV where possible so that certain words and skills will pop out.

  1. Tailor your CV always!

Yes it takes time, but it is well worth it! It will increase the chances of you securing an interview and demonstrate how you are a good fit for the role. Even worse, there is nothing more disheartening for a hiring manager than a CV submission that has clearly been used for a different role.

  1. Articulate yourself well

Long winded sentences, punctuation and grammar that does not read well can be a turn off. Good articulation will leave a good impression and makes a perception that you are a well presented employee.

  1. Ensure it is Error Free

Whether it be spelling, grammar, punctuation or dates of employment, it needs to be accurate. A good idea is to get someone to proof read your as it can sometimes be difficult to pick up on mistakes if you are deeply engaged in your writing.

  1. Keep your CV up to date

When writing your CV’s, it can be hard to remember projects that you may have completed recently or a considerable time ago. It is important to revisit your CV regularly so you don’t forget any major detail.  It is equally important to cut anything that is no longer relevant or expand on detail that you may have upskilled or improved in.

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