5 Undeniable Signs it’s Time to Leave Your Job

When faced with a major decision something the majority of us have been guilty of attempting is trying to find signs in mundane things that are meant to tell us what we should do. Everyone knows what I mean by this – the flipping of a coin, writing down your options on slips of paper and saying you will do whichever you pick up, begging for an unnatural display to tell you that you are making the right decision. Unfortunately, these are not methods that will always put you on the right path. A time that these methods are put to use is when deciding whether or not to leave a position that we are struggling in. So here at Quest Recruitment, we have narrowed down the 5 signs that you should change your job (and there are reasons for each!).

1. Not Learning

An important aspect of any role is that you are constantly learning and taking in new materials. If you are in a position where you have not learnt something new in your role or that pertains to your job in recent memory, then you are in a stagnant environment. This will not help you progress in your career nor will it stimulate your mind and you will find the drags of the work day becoming more tedious.
A question to ask yourself before taking the step of leaving your position is whether you are not learning because the company does not facilitate this (in which case, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) or if you have just lost interest in the position and all aspects that it holds. If this is the case, then you need to evaluate your career and what it holds next for you. It could simply be that you have outgrown the position that you are in and it is time for a step up.

2. Underappreciated

You are underappreciated and this is reflected by minimal pay, no progression and a general lack of respect for your ideas. Even if you are receiving standard remuneration, you find that you are working without any feedback on the service you provide. This is a reason to seek somewhere else. As an employee of a company, you deserve to feel that your ideas are appreciated and that the management of your company respects your thoughts.

3. Work – Related Stress

You find that you are suffering from work-related stress and that this is affecting you in your everyday life (check out our blog on how to deal with workplace stress here). If you find on the weekends that you are dreading Monday (but not to the ‘normal extent’) and your health is suffering, it is time to take action.

4. Culture and Environment

The work culture and environment is not something that you are comfortable with. If you work somewhere that has a toxic environment and your core beliefs are misaligned from those of the company, it may be time to look elsewhere. Also, if you crave a certain type of work environment, for example, flexible working hours or the chance to work from home yet find yourself stuck in a nine-to-five that has no room for negotiation, you should consider looking at positions that can offer you what you want.

5. No Progression

There is no chance for progression in your current role. Even though you like the company culture, your managers, your work mates and the remuneration package that you are receiving, you are aware that you will never move up the ladder in this company as you have reached the highest position that you can. It may be hard, but you deserve to work in an environment that you can flourish and therefore if you find yourself in this situation, it may be worth finding out what else is out there for you.

If you have identified with any of these points, you should take a look at your current position with a clear head and see if it is delivering everything that you want from it. At Quest, we specialise in Accounting, Fund Administration and Financial Technology, so reach out if you would like to learn about any of our open positions.

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