5 Things Your Recruiter Should Know About You

Here at Quest, we are determined to match each candidate to the perfect role. When a candidate signs up to use Quest Recruitment’s service, we will choose a recruiter for you and they will be your designated contact throughout the entire recruitment process.

After you have been matched with your recruiter, they will take some time to get to know you, your motivations for seeking a new role and what you are looking for. Using this, they will search all of the job openings that we have available to us in the Financial Services and Accountancy & Finance sectors, and find the ideal role for you.

In order to make this work, it is essential to provide your recruiter with the below information so that they can succeed in finding this role.

Reasons for Leaving Your Current Role

One of the most important pieces of information that you can arm your recruiter with is the reason you are considering leaving your current role. We know that there can be a multitude of reasons such as the culture is not a good fit, there is no opportunity to progress in your current role or you do not excel under your current boss’s management style. We have heard all these explanations and we won’t judge you, but your honesty in this respect is vital as it will help the recruiter find the right role for you. Don’t be afraid to share this information either, the recruitment process is confidential and it will only be used to eliminate ill-suited roles.

Current Duties and Responsibilities

Make sure that you are able to explain your current duties and responsibilities. By running through a list of what you manager, this will let the recruiter know the work that you do on a daily basis and enable them to find a job suited to the work that you do. The next step is to highlight what you enjoy most in your work day. Your recruiter can then use this to find a role that will enable you to explore this function. It is also important to let the recruiter know if you are looking for a role that you can advance in. Explain what your future career goals are and they can find a company that can facilitate this.

Your Ideal Company

Let the recruiter know what your ideal company would look like. This involves thinking of the size of a company that you would like to work in. Are you happier in a small company with a few other employees or would you prefer a larger office environment? This can also depend on your personality! If you are an outgoing person, you may want this reflected in your workplace and the same applies if you are more reserved. Make sure to be honest when explaining this. Your recruiter wants to find you a position that is the perfect fit for you and when you don’t enjoy the culture of a company, you are far more likely to leave.

Job Benefits

What would it take for you to move jobs? Are you looking for a move solely because you feel you won’t advance in your current role or do you feel that you should be rewarded a higher salary for your work? Make sure that you have an idea of what you would like in your new package. What kinds of benefits are vital to you? Separate what you think would be nice to have from what is essential. Tell your recruiter all of this; let them know what you considered as the essentials and what you are willing to compromise on.

Read the Job Specification

When the recruiter explains different roles to you and pitches various companies, listen to their pitch, read through the job specification that they will forward you and then come back to them with feedback. If there is something in the spec that doesn’t appeal to you, let them know this so they can eliminate that when looking at the next role. By turning down a potential position, this can help the recruiter narrow the search for a role for you.

Make sure to keep an open mind at the start. Don’t dismiss a job just because the title doesn’t sound like something you would traditionally apply too. Job titles mean less and less these days with people branding themselves ‘Ninjas’ etc. and you should push yourself to explore all options presented to you.

By using a combination of the information above, our recruiters will be able to narrow down and find a selection of jobs that would be of interest to you. We specialise in Accounting, Funds, Compliance and Fintech and would love to help you take this next step in your career.

Contact us on 01 676 0505 or email info@questrecruitment.ie if you have any questions about the above insight, the recruitment process or what we can do for you.

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