2017 Fund Administration Salary Survey – Quest Recruitment

2015 and 2016 were indisputably strong years of growth for the Irish Economy with growth levels revised upward to 26% in 2015 which had little tangible effect on the Economy itself, the figure
distorted by multinational inverted tax deals where billions of euro in balance sheets were relocated to Ireland. On the whole however the underlying economy grew by 4.1% in 2016, not far from the predicted 4.3%. Several GDP predictions have been revised downward for 2017 due to the uncertainty surrounding the UK referendum and currently sit at expected growth of 3.6%.

From the initial shock of Brexit has come a broadly positive sentiment for the Funds and Investment Management industry though the future is still foggy to say the least. The Central Bank is currently receiving inquiries from firms based in London on an almost daily basis regarding the means to facilitate the transfer of offices, and ultimately jobs to Ireland and Quest Recruitment have engaged with several Financial Services firms whom are considering their options in the wake of likely issue with access to the free market.

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