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Kieron was very helpful in finding me my current role at a great company. He kept me updated with feedback, and was very encouraging.

He made the whole process easy and stress free. He is a really approachable, enthusiastic and helpful consultant and I would highly recommend him.

Diana Healy, BNY

Evelyn helped me immensely during the recruitment process. She was very flexible with meeting times and did her upmost to arrange interviews at times which suited me.Evelyn ensured I was well prepared for all interviews by providing comprehensive information on the role and the company with whom the interview was with. I believe this helped me immensely when it came to the interview process and certainly facilitated me in obtaining the role I interviewed for.

Thomas , Northern Trust

In my dealings with  Laura was always polite and courteous and helped me find a position suited to my needs, I would have no problem recommending Quest to a friend. 

Francis , Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

I had the opportunity to work with Evelyn when I was searching for my current role. She took the time to understand my career situation, my future goals, the work place culture which would best suit me and where my skills and knowledge could be applied best. The guidance and preparation she gave was outstanding. I love my new role and very appreciative of Evelyn's efforts.

Alan, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)

My experience of working with Evelyn was exceptional. From initial contact until she successfully placed me into a role. She went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interview and provided an approachable but professional service. Highly recommended.

Anna , State Street

“Kieron is without a doubt the best recruitment consultant I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the beginning, he was honest, personable, knowledgeable and responsive.

He was constantly in touch with me throughout the process and was a joy to speak with every time.

I knew he would be the right person to find me an ideal position and he didn't disappoint .

I'm very grateful to have worked with him - he is an asset to any candidate, team or company he works with.”

Alison , Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

I found Evelyn to be highly professional in all aspects of the recruitment process that facilitated and secured my employment contract with Northern Trust. I was very impressed with her complete end to end engagement, her in-depth knowledge of the funds industry and of the employer client in question. I was also particularly impressed with Evelyn's invaluable interview preparation advice and tips tailored specifically for the role I was interviewing for, her follow up communications and on going assistance and availability as required since I commenced my role. Evelyn is a valuable asset to Quest Recruitment and I would not hesitate in recommending her services to any person seeking employment opportunities in Financial Services

Thomas , Northern Trust

Laura is very professional in her job. She sends me available jobs, follow up with regular calls and always ask me of updates. When I didn’t want to attend the interview of my current job, she advised me to. Met her and her superior in the morning of my interview day, went through my experience to-date and was glad to have seen all that support led to my gaining this fantastic opportunity.


Anytime I call the office, the receptionist is always cordial and ready to provide solution my requests.


I trust that Quest will get me a laudable permanent position before the end of my six months contract with State Street.

Ramon , State Street

“My experience of working with Kieron was exceptional.


From initial contact until he successfully placed me into a great job position, he consistently supported me in my applications. He went above and beyond to ensure I was prepared for interviews by providing me with tonnes of tips and possible questions that the employer may ask.

Kieron provided an approachable but professional service. When you work with Kieron you also have his personal number which makes it easy to communicate with him and he only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for.


Highly recommended for anyone that seeks a professional that really knows his job”

Arcadi, Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

“I was in a great job but wanted to move into a role more relevant to my studies – Kieron kept me updated on options, and talked through the different roles that could be a good fit for me as well as talking me through future possibilities in the market.


When I got the call to interview for my current job, Kieron really helped me prepare and we talked through the company, the job, examples from my experience that I should focus on and he made me feel more confident about the whole process, and I was delighted to get the job!


I would not hesitate to recommend Kieron to anyone looking for a new job.”

Silvia, Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

''I was a client of Al's and he successfully placed me in a highly desirable role which was initially a contract and led to a permanent position. I found Al's approach very professional and personable. His preperation for my interview and follow up calls were a great support to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Al to anyone looking for a recruiter''

Brian Murray, Statestreet

I would like to say a huge thank you to Al Keogh and his colleagues at Quest. The help and support that I have received during my job search was second to none. I was kept up to date and I could always contact him if I had any questions. The friendly, positive and efficient approach really supported and assisted me in getting a new role. I would highly recommend Al and the team at Quest for assisting in your job search. Best wishes and continued success to Al, and all at Quest


Sarah Jane Clancy, Northern Trust

''I worked with Kieron recently in securing a new role. I couldn't recommend him more highly. From the outset he helped identify clear realistic objectives. He also made the process as seamless as possible providing me with constant status updates and notifications on progress made by all parties involved.

He helped greatly leading up to interviews providing general tips and even just the follow up chat and calls post interview. More importantly all dealings and back and forths were relaxed, informal and very enjoyable while also always looking after the job at hand.

I was really impressed with how proactive Kieron was in all aspects of the process particularly the status updates and actions been taken. It was great to work with Kieron over the past few weeks and would definitely recommend him for anyone considering a change in role within the funds industry.”

Anthony, Hedgeserv

“I would highly recommend Kieron as a recruiter, he came across as extremely professional but was also very easy to talk to. I felt Kieron really listened to the types of roles that I was interested in and the ones I wasn't. Kieron was very knowledgeable about the roles and companies he was representing and showed really good judgement in recommending potential roles for me.

Kieron put me forward for one role which I was offered and I really attribute my success to his guidance. Going into the interview, I felt 100% prepared having received interview prep material from Kieron in advance along with a phone call the evening before to address any queries I had and to have a talk through of the interview, what to expect, the core qualities the employer was looking for etc.

I would have absolutely no problem in recommending Kieron or Quest Recruitment. I have dealt with other recruitment agencies in the past and felt that some can be too pushy or don't really listen to what types of role you want and send forward job descriptions that are not relevant. I would like to thank Kieron for all the help he gave me and would definitely work with him again in the future.”


Sinead , Quest Recruitment

“I found Kieron very helpful as a recruiter when looking for a new job. In comparison to other recruiters and recruitment companies I think Kieron and the team in Quest are the best because they deal with the candidate personally rather than make you feel like a number which I found with other recruiters in the past. When looking for a new job, I wanted to find something completely different and more interesting than my current role and Kieron understood that and was able to provide me with exact job specs which met my criteria.

He handled the process very professionally and kept me up to date via email and phone of my application process and was very quick to respond to any of my queries. If I am ever looking for another job in the future I would definitely approach Kieron as I found him very professional, in tune with the current market and from my experience with recruiters he is definitely the best in the business and wish him the very best in the future.”

Aine , Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)

“I have no hesitation in recommending Kieron for anyone seeking a new role/career change. I found Kieron to be an excellent communicator, very easy to talk to and a great listener. He took a genuine interest in my career goals and aspirations.

Based on this and on my previous experiences, he presented me with multiple options. I found Kieron to be very personable but professional who had the relevant market information. Kieron kept me informed throughout the entire process.

 It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kieron as he genuinely had my best interests at heart.”

Ann-Marie, Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

''It was an outstanding pleasure working with Kevin.  Over a number of weeks Kevin’s knowledge and professionalism gifted me the opportunity as a recent graduate to work within my field of study. Thanks to Kevin I have been offered a role in State Street Kilkenny, an opportunity I am increasingly excited about.
Kevin’s work ethic, willingness and compassionate nature motivated me to apply for the position. He is a determined and noble worker who maintained continuous lines of communication, provided interview preparation and general work/life perspectives throughout the process.

I cannot recommend Kevin enough for his swift practices and kind dispositions.I now believe that I have a bright and prosperous future ahead with many thanks to Kevin O'Shea, recruiter at Quest Recruitment Solution Ltd. I really appreciate Kevin’s support and help through all my recruitment process''

David Hanrahan, State Street

''I have worked with recruiters in the past and always felt they came up short, didn't really involve themselves and were only interested in shoe horning people in to roles for their benefit and not the benefit of the candidate. With Al this was not the case, from the very first phone call with Al I felt he was interested and responsive, he listened to what I was looking for in a new role and understood that it was about a new challenge for me as opposed to just another pay cheque.

 He successfully placed me in a highly desirable role with my current employer. Al provided the details of the position and right then I knew I had selected the right recruiter, not only did Al provide what I was looking for but he didn't inundate me with meaningless job specs. This was the type of role I was really looking for and after a conversation with Al I was put forward for the role. 2 interviews and some excellent prep work from Al I got the job and really could not be happier since I made the move. His preparation for my interview and follow up calls were a great support to me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Al or his colleagues at Quest to anyone looking for a recruiter''

Carlsberg don't do recruiters but if they did they would be Al Keogh!

Thanks again Al for your help and support


Mark McGovern, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)

Kate was very helpful in the process of getting the interview organized and after the successful interview process organizing everything required for my new position. Her professionalism and personality came through especially when I became hesitant/afraid of leaving my previous employer after almost a decade and she helped me to face the change.

 It was a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her to anyone with no hesitation.

Geza, Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

My consultant Kate was very helpful at all stages of the recruitment process. She provided me with useful tips and advice in preparing me for my interview as well as support with the background checking. She was always willing to answer any questions I had and I feel she was key to me getting the job at BNY Mellon. I have found Quest to be an excellent job agency and have been very impressed, thank you! 

Oliver , Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

Avril was a pleasure to deal with. I found her extremely friendly thorough in her manner and in her prepping me for my interview I could not speak highly enough of her and would have no hesitation recommending both herself and Quest to anyone.


Shane , Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

I dealt with Avril Doyle at Quest who was fantastic. Avril was in touch with me last year and knew what role I was in search for. A full year later she contacted me and advised me of positions that opened up which she knew I would be interested in. This was me was a fantastic service as many recruiters never follow up, especially a year later. Avril was always very professional to deal with and very approachable. I rang Avril on many occasions and she was always so helpful and polite.

Avril also provided excellent interview tips and advice that was fantastic. She provided me with the knowledge I required and also simple interview tips that really helped me prepare for the interview.

I would 100% recommend Avril to anyone who is seeking a new role. 

Mairead Freyne,

I would highly recommend Kieron to anyone who's is looking for jobs in the financial sector in quest recruitment. Kieron was easy to talk to and was very helpful in getting me a graduate position in the financial sector. If you are searching for jobs in the financial sector I would highly recommend to get onto Kieron at quest recruitment.

Jane, Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

I would highly recommend Kieron to anybody looking for the best position possible in the Financial Sector.

He is a good judge of character and will not only help find you a job but something tailor made to suit you.

He was very interactive and dedicated and the results paid off for me and I am sure he has done the same for many others”

Sean, Hedgeserv

Kieron assisted me in my recent job search and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He matched me with my ideal role, prepared me thoroughly for the interview and was professional and friendly throughout the entire process: he was a pleasure to deal with.   

Sinéad, Grant Thornton

I would highly recommended Kieron to anyone who is looking for jobs in Financial Services in Quest Recruitment. Kieron was very easy to deal with, he listened to what job positions I was interested in and respected my choice on wanting to change departments within the Funds Industry/ Financial Services. He provided me with a range choices with an excellent knowledge on the job opportunities he had available

Zoë, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)

Kieron helped me a lot during my job search after I had finished my final year exams – a time where I needed as much help and guidance as possible in finding my first full time role. I was prepared for interviews and provided an approachable but professional service. For a reliable, considerate service, with someone who genuinely cares about your application, I would look no further than Kieron

Paudie, Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kevin while I was looking for a new job, during this time I found him really supporting and caring. He took the time to meet with me and get to know me so that he could recommend employers most suited to my skill set, goals and personality . Above all, I was impressed with Kevin’s ability to follow up and always get feedback for me after the interviews. Overall, it was a pleasure to work with him and if one day I decide to have a career change I won’t hesitate to contact him

Martin, State Street

I am currently working for State Street in a role I am really enjoying. I applied for this role thanks to the professional advice of Kevin O’Shea, recruiter of Quest Recruitment Solution Ltd (Ireland). 
As a jobseeker I relied on “Quest” due to having very good feedback about this recruitment agency. Kevin responded to my application very quickly after reviewing my C.V. 
He started to find the best matches between my profile and available jobs, and inform me of these roles on a regular basis. 
Kevin is a very motivated and experienced recruiter who encouraged me to apply for positions that I may not have considered before but were within my expertise. 
I really appreciate Kevin’s support and help through all my recruitment process and for showing me a deep knowledge/understanding of financial companies and their needs. 
I highly recommend Kevin as a recruiter and I believe he would be an asset to any job seeker

Celia, State Street

I dealt with Avril Doyle as my consultant with Quest. I used Quest before and was successful in being placed at BBH at that stage. The main reason for my returning to Quest is due to the fact you care about the candidates, always endeavor to place the person with the correct company suitable to their experience and field of expertise.Due to this, I find that you stay with the company for a relevant stable period working time.

 This is all down to the Consultant really listening to you, studying your cv, skillset and knowledge to date and taking their time to fit you with the right company. I for one was in no rush to be placed with just any company; I wanted a company with a good reputation for treating and looking after their employees and a good culture.

 I really felt that Avril took the time to listen to me and knew my wants and needs. Avril took her time to make sure she was fitting me to the right working environment. I was successful in gaining employment with NorthernTrust.

 Avril made me know from the offset that Northern Trust were indeed what I was looking for in a Company.

Avril completed her preparation with me in completing a mock interview before the actual interview, the prep questions that Avril prepared with me were indeed revelant to the actual interview. The interview went very well.

 I know it is early days in Northern Trust now, but really feel all above mentioned was clearly sought out for me, I do feel it is the right Company for me. You couldn’t  meet a nicer bunch of Professionals.

Yvonne , Northern Trust

Louie is a skilled consultant, who understands the candidate’s needs.

Her professionalism and work experience gave a sense of security when applying for a specific role. Louise's customer care and fantastic communication are irreplaceable.

I will definitely recommend her as a trustworthy consultant for any of my friends who wish to change their job in the funds industry.

It was a pleasure working/ cooperating with Louise Delaney.

Wioletta, Capita

Huge Thank you to the team at Quest for securing a great new role for me! Mark was an absolute superstar from start to finish, keeping me up to date via calls, emails and text messages plus the added interview prep with Mark and Avril made a huge difference in ensuring I concentrated on the right areas at interview. These guys are great and I highly recommend Quest to any candidates out there.

Ross Nevin , State Street

I got in tough with Louise Delaney before I moved back to Ireland after a few years abroad. She was very knowledgeable about the job market situation in financial insititutions in Ireland.

After a quick chat on the phone she identified what i was looking for. Based on that, she advised me some amendments on my CV to put forward my experience and offer me some positions that were vacant.

Once I got interviews set up, she was very good in sending me preparation packs ahead of the meeting. some of the questions she asked me to prepare do come up on the day. 

once I got the job offer she provided me withthe steps to follow, and very quicklly the screening was finalised and approved. thanks to her constant chasing. 


So I had a very good experience with Louise delaney. I found her very professional and effective 


Thank you very much

Emmanuel Floch , Bank Of New York Mellon (BNY)

My consultant was Louise Delaney. I found Louise to be very helpful and approachable in my search for my next career move. Louise was so easy to deal with and always kept me in the loop on the progress of my application. A very professional recruiter who went above and beyond her normal role and found her a pleasure to deal with and she made the whole process so much easier. I have dealt with a lot of recruitment agencies in the past and have to say Quest has been the best to deal with on a professional basis and that is due to Louise and her people skills and bubbly personality. Regardless of how busy her schedule she always kept in touch with progress or feedback which made me as a candidate feel confident and informed at all times. I look forward to working with Quest and Louise in the future and i will be recommending Quest to colleagues and friends.

Paul, Quest Recruitment

Louise was excellent in every aspect of the process. Easy to talk to, offerd great advice and was always on hand to answer any queries that i had. Connot rate her more highly- i had my choice of jobs in the end. well done Louise!

Cormac O'Boyle - BNY, Quest Recruitment

I would recommend Louise in Quest Recruitment to anybody looking to change careers. Louise kept me fully updated on the entire hiring process from interview to offer and through the screening process of the employer.

As it was my first interview in 7 years Louise gave me sort of mock interview & pep talk over the phone before my actual interview. i always felt the Louise had my best  interests in mind and that i was not just another C to have on file which had been my experience with serveral other recruitment consultants.

I could notpraise or recommend Louise highly enough; she is a credit to Quest REcruitment.






I was working with Louise Delaney through Quest as regard moving work positions.m I found her to be totally professional, friendly and honest. Louise guided me through my move to Northern Trust. She was very helpful all through the process from interview to being employed with Nothern Trust. She went above and beyond her role in Quest to help me in the difficlut process for me. She made moving roles for me very positive and enjoyable experience. She has answered any questions i had and eased any worries. I would 100% recommend using Quest and I am very happy to recommend Louise as an excellent professional consultant. I am very happy with the way things worked out. 


Thank you and regards 


Barry, Northern Trust

I was dealing with Avril Doyle and from the very beginning she was extremely supportive, understanding and professional. Avril was always on hand to answer any/all of my concerns or questions. She helped me get the position that I wanted with the right terms for me. I would highly recommend Quest, they have gotten me my last 2 positions; they are extremely professional, give you truthful advice and guide you through the whole recruiting process with ease.

Edel , State Street

From the minute I started dealing with Quest I thought their service was very helpful and any queries or issue was dealt with in a timely and professional manner. My main point of contact and consultant was Alan Keogh who I found very helpful and friendly. I found if I ever needed advice, Alan was on hand to offer it, always keeping me in the loop and was constantly pushing my CV forward to different companies. In the future, if I was looking to move my career forward by looking for opportunities to change roles I would definitely use Quest again.

Tony Connolly - Fund Accountant,

I would just like to say a big thank you to Louise Delaney who helped me in getting an interview and securing a job in Dublin. I had been out of work since June after my job became redundant I took some time out and registered with Quest in October. The day I registered with Quest Louise called me to go through my CV and discuss what exactly I was looking for, from that day on she contacted me every week without fail to catch up and go through any roles she had that would suit me. I was fortunate to get an interview before Christmas and secure the job a few weeks ago. Louise has a great personality and was so professional at all times. She is an asset to your company and those she works with.  I would highly recommend Louise and Quest as an agency.



Finola Gannon,

Avril helped me find my current position of Senior Fund Accountant at Bank of New York Mellon. Having dealt with a lot of other recruiters without much success, I found Avril to be a cut above the others. Avril was an absolute pleasure to deal with. She got me my ideal role with BNYM and was very professional and could not do more for me.


She was very communicative, only recommended suitable positions and really went the extra mile when it came to helping with interview preparation, following up with companies and keeping in touch at each stage of the process.

Out of all the recruiters I worked with, Avril was the most reliable and trustworthy. She always called me with an update, even if she had no new information to share. She worked every angle for me and was reassuring every step of the way. Ultimately, Avril found me my current position.

I would not hesitate to recommend Avril for people searching for a new role, or for companies looking to hire experienced, suitable candidates.

Declan Coffey,

Avril Doyle was the consultant I dealt with in Quest Recruitment. I found her to be very professional at all times. Avril is very down to earth and easy to communicate with which made the whole process very easy and stress free. Avril guided me through what I should expect and gave me the opportunity to undertake a mock interview prior to the real interview took place. She also kept me informed of the feedback she received from the interviewers. I believe that her encouragement and commitment  was part of the reason I was successful on getting the job. I have no hesitation in recommending Avril and Quest to my friends and colleagues. 

Egine Mile,

My experience with Quest recruitment was excellent. Avril was more than helpful in finding me a role suitable to my qualifications and in my preferred location also. She was always on hand to answer any questions I had about the interview and I felt well prepared and confident going into the interview with thanks to her help. Avril was exceptional in helping me through the screening process and contract paperwork. I won't hesitate in recommending her and Quest recruitment to my colleges in the future.


Laura Hayes,

I recently worked with Louise Delany to begin the search to secure a new position. Louise was sincerely a pleasure to deal with. She kept me well informed throughout the entire process from relaying what was available in the market and ensuring my CV was seen by the relevant contacts to arranging interviiews and compiling very conprehensive information packs on both the companies and relevant information to help me obtain a position. Within two weeks I secured a new position and despite the process completing Louise is in contact to ensure that I am happy and settled and that everything is running smoothly. I have left the experience thoroughly impressed with everything Louise has done for me as well as singing her and Quest's praises and find myself hoping to remian friends with her as I got on so well with her. I cannot recommend Louise enough and hope she is recognised for the exemplary job she truly does.

Lisa McMahon Senior Fund Accountant

Lisa McMahon,

I had a very positive experience with Quest, Gavin was very pro active when it came to organizing a suitable interview and once the interview was organized he had all the interview questions and tips prepared exceptionally.

Thanks to Gavin I am now in a job that I am happy getting up to go to in the morning !


Ian - Fund Accountant, BNY Mellon

My experience of working with Quest from start to finish was fantastic. I dealt solely with Karl Kiely, and he was both helpful and informative during our initial meeting. He kept me up to date regarding the interviewing process with regular progress updates from both him, and from the company.

Having worked with other agencies in the past, I would highly recommend Quest Recruitment as the best and most professional of Recruitment services that I have come across.

Aimee Fahy,

Having been successful in obtaining a job after being made redundant I cannot praise my consultant Karl highly enough.

In a very professional manner Karl listened to what I was looking for, he met with me to prepare for an interview, as I hadn't had an interview in a long time, and he gave me the confidence to believe in myself.

He rang directly after the interview to see how I got on, provided feedback, was constantly in touch and most importantly, rang with the news 'you've been offered a job'.

I can't thank him enough for all his help and assistance, and have already recommended him to friends.

Siobhan Carolan,

Avril Doyle is providing a very good service to me, as a job seeker and also contract worker. She always keeps me in the know about any developments and is very quick establishing contact for me with potential employers.

When I'm called for an interview, Avril provides me with plenty of information about the company and I'm well prepared for the interview.

I would always recommend her/Quest to any fellow job seekers in financial services. 

Jan Vollmer, BNY Mellon

Louise Delaney from Quest Recruitment was very pleasant to deal with. I found Louise had excellent communication skills and was very thorough in relaying any information direct to me. Louise always kept me informed of any updates and assisted me with any questions that I had. Once I was placed in employment Louise has also kept in touch for feedback regarding my placement.

Rhoda -Bank of New York Mellon,

Thank you so much for all your help and precious advice .I think that honestly you were the most natural, friendly and honest agency that I met so far in Ireland. I appreciated highly your approach and empathetic attitude. I will definitely get back to you if I’m going to look for a job sometime in the future.

Daniel – Fund Accountant – JP Morgan,

After sending in my CV to Quest Recruitment, I received a call from Larry in the Dublin office. I met with Larry and found him extremely helpful and very professional. The service and experience was exceptional.

Brian – Transfer Agent,

I would like to thank you for all your help in finding a new job for me. I have already had some experience with recruitment agencies but I must admit your dedication and professionalism have really impressed me. The offers you found for me were perfectly matched with my experience and expectations and your help in preparing me for interviews was priceless. All the materials about the interviewing companies you provided me with were excellent; your guidance on what to focus on was very valuable and always accurate. Please let me thank you again for all your efforts and your kindness.

Beata -Fund Accountant – Invesco ,

As someone who had never used a recruitment agency before, I was unsure what to expect when I started dealing with Quest Recruitment. From the very beginning they were incredibly helpful, not only explaining the role in finding me a new position, but also helping me prepare for the recruitment process itself. Throughout this process Quest were always quick in responding to any of my questions and most importantly, they were very professional, open and honest in their answers.

Simon – IT Project Manager – BNY Mellon,

“Having availed of the services of Quest Recruitment in my last two career placings, I had the pleasure of consulting with Louise Delaney on both occasions. I would describe Louise as consistently professional, approachable, diligent, and helpful in equal measure. She was most prompt in locating suitable opportunities, setting up the corresponding interviews, providing excellent information pre & post interview on any queries that I had, and negotiating offers on my behalf. 

Ultimately, in prioritising matching the right candidate to the right company, she guided me in selecting suitable & successful placements on both occasions. Louise is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her as an excellent choice of consultant to anyone looking to further their career in the financial services industry.”

Ciara – Transfer Agency Supervisor ,

Quest Recruitment provide an excellent service and I would highly recommend Quest Recruitment to any person. From the day I finished college until November this year I had been applying for jobs non stop without any success. I got in contact with Quest and they were extremely helpful. Quest helped me to improve my CV and my interview techniques which really boosted my confidence.  I would like take this opportunity to thank Quest Recruitment for all the help and support they gave to me. Wishing Quest every success in the future.

Avril – Telesales – AIB Merchant Services,

Quest, thanks very much for all the effort and professionalism shown during the whole process. Since our first meeting you have listened carefully to my needs, as a result securing me with my current role.  I’d like to thank Emma O’Connor also for her help in the payroll process.

Maika – Senior Fund Accountant ,

I found Quest very helpful and assisted me greatly in preparing for my interviews which ultimately led me to a new career which I am now very happy in. I wish you the best of luck and thanks for all your help.

Tina – Graduate,

I would highly recommend Quest as I found them to be the most helpful Recruitment Agent I’ve ever dealt with. When I was looking for employment, I had dealt with a couple of different Recruitment Agents and each of them met me and informed me of open position etc. However when I was contacted by Quest, they seemed to go that extra mile and I found all very helpful and approachable. I’m very grateful for all the assistance I received from everyone at Quest!!!

Emer – Senior Fund Accountant,

My consultant Louise was extremely efficient, communicated well, and placed me in the precise area I was looking for. All dealings were very professional, and I have already recommended her to a friend.

Melanie – Finance Administrator ,

I found the services extremely good at Quest. Louise was also very good in getting me prepared for the interview and also keeping in touch with me.

Lisa – Northern Trust ,

I have to say I found the service provided by Quest was excellent. I dealt with Larry and he was very courteous and helpful and made the job seeking process a lot easier. The jobs recommended to me were very suitable to me and I have been in my jobs 8 months and all going well.

Aoife – Trustee Supervisor,

My recruitment agent was Louise Delaney. I found her both extremely professional and very helpful in terms of finding me the desired role. My overall experience with Quest was quite enjoyable and I had a role within a very short period of time.

Kate – Invesco,

I found the service at Quest very professional and friendly. They helped with my CV preparation and the pre-interview preparation I received was excellent. This really helped my confidence during the interview. I would definitely recommend Quest to anyone seeking employment.

Robert – Fund Accountant Supervisor,

I have a great relationship with Louise and found her to be excellent when placing me in my current role over a year ago. She’s called several times since then, just to see how everything is going. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a position and indeed have!

Rachel – Invesco ,

It took less than two weeks for Quest to place me in the job I wanted. From start to finish the whole process was stress free which is a rarity when looking for a job. I will use Quest again and have already recommended them to friends.



John – Business Applications Support ,

I found Louise at Quest very helpful. She got me an interview with the company I really wanted to work for very quickly and she was constantly in contact throughout my recruitment process. She also gave me some great tips to ‘sell myself’ properly in my interview. And I got the job… I would highly recommend Quest. Thanks!

Laura Pomphrett – BNYMellon ,

‘When I decided to change jobs earlier this year I had intended to visit a few recruitment agencies. Quest was my first port of call and after meeting with them I had no need to go to any other agency as I was so impressed with the high level of service they provided. I hadn’t had a formal interview in 6 years so I was nervous at the prospect of an interview but David was fantastic at preparing me in advance and even meet me just before the interview to put me at my ease. Thanks to him the interview went great and now I have the job I always wanted. So thank you Quest.’

Geraldine – Certus ,

I am very happy with my dealings with Quest. I met with David Newsway. He was very helpful indeed. He assessed my experience, needs and requests efficiently. As a result I am happily employed in a new role which I find challenging and will be of benefit to my career development.

Laura – Custody Client Services Rep,

I found Quest very good to work with. I found them to be excellent and very professional to deal. Larry always updated me no matter what the outcome of a job application was. ie bad or good. This was great as I new exactly what my job options were. I would certainly recommend Larry from Quest to people to deal with in the future.

Paul – BNY Mellon ,

I found quest very helpful placing me in a new role, I thought that they were very helpful and I couldn’t have asked for more from them. I wouldn’t hesitate in using your services in the future but hopefully I won’t have to.

Malachy – HedgeServ ,

I have been with Quest for over 8 years and have found them extremely professional, helpful and approachable. I have recently been placed in a top administrator firm and believe that Quest found what I was looking for.

John – Goldman Sachs ,

Louise Delaney has been a great support in my job hunt. She presented me with a variety of offers. She was always very professional and attentive. I was always well informed and up to date with the whole recruitment process.

Maja – Senior Fund Accountant ,

I dealt with Louise from Quest and found her to be very proactive and an excellent communicator, always providing any and all updates she had at agreed times. She continually followed up on any questions I had in regards to position applied for. I would highly recommend Quest and in particular Louise to any of my colleagues who are looking for new employment.

Tracey – Northern Trust ,

I thought David was of great help. He understood the role I was looking for and only put me forward for the suitable roles. He was always very helpful and was pushing for me to get the right job for me and not just any job.

Paul – Fund Accountant Supervisor,

Special thanks to Louise for all her help. I especially appreciated the interview tips and run through with her , very helpful. Louise is very helpful and obviously cares.

Shane – Northern Trust,

Quest was the best of the agencies I was involved with. Louise personal touch was above and beyond. She rang to confirm my position late one evening which showed her dedication to me and my pursuit of a job. Overall a brilliant company and superb recruiter!

Brian – Northern Trust ,

David was fantastic and put in a great shift to get me over the line in getting this job. He seemed to go over and beyond in his dealings with the company in putting my case across, which was much appreciated by myself and I would recommend Quest to anyone based on my experience.

Niall -Fund Services ,

I found Louise Delaney to be a professional employee of Quest Recruitment. My dealings with Louise was always positive and the lines of communication were always open. Louise was always pleasant and honest. This to me this is key to forming any relationship within the industry. Based on my experience with Louise I will always recommend Quest Recruitment to anyone seeking employment.

Rhoda – BNY Mellon,

Louise was very efficient and kept in constant contact the whole way through. Definitely the best experience I have had with a recruitment agency to date! I would recommend Quest to my friends!

Aileen– BNY Mellon ,

From initial contact to final placement, I was very satisfied by the level of attention I received from Louise. All my emails and calls were responded to in a timely and professional manner. Louise matched successfully my skills and experiences with the correct job and employer. The information and advice I received from Louise helped me to maximize my performance during the interview which resulted in a job offer. Furthermore Louise skillfully negotiated a very good package for me, by filtering relevant information to my future employer. I would not hesitate to recommend Louise and therefore Quest to my contacts, who are looking for work in the financial services sector.

Mark – Northern Trust,

My consultant, Louise Delaney, showed great professionalism and made the whole experience stress-free. She listened to my requests and perfectly matched the available positions with my experience. She took time to meet me before each interview making sure that I was informed about the company I was going to meet and that I was prepared for the interview. She also kept in touch through the whole process and kept me informed of any progress. I was very lucky to have Louise as my consultant and I have already recommended her to friends.

Lucia – Bank of New York Mellon,

Louise is an excellent communicator and kept me informed at all times. She really listened to what I was looking for and focused on placing me in the most suitable role. Louise was a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend her and will do so in the future.

Lisa – Northern Trust,

The consultant who worked on assisting me with a new role was Louise Delaney. She knew exactly what I was looking for and delivered. She was also responsible for assisting me in seeking a previous role four years ago; a role I was very happy in. I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone seeking a good recruitment consultant.

Sarah – BNY Mellon,

I corresponded with Mark King throughout my job search, and found him to be very helpful, friendly and informative at all times. He made sure I was well prepared going in to the interview, and always kept in constant contact with me via email/telephone keeping me up to date with feedback.  I am very happy about taking up my new position, as I believe my experience up to date will enhance my profile and it will the progression of my career. I am happy to recommend Mark to any of my friends/colleagues who are interested in job moves.

Transfer Agent ,

Quest was excellent to work with, extremely helpful and very friendly!

Tony – Butterfields,

Extremely helpful in securing a role which suited my abilities and prior work experience. I was dealt with in a professional manner, and always kept fully informed subsequent to my initial interview. Quest understood the importance of frequent communication, which I felt was a necessary part of my ongoing job search.

David – Northern Trust ,

I cannot recommend Quest enough. They kept me up to speed on everything I needed to know and what steps I had to take.  Excellent work. Dedication was shown that is absent from most other agencies I have dealt with.

James, Senior Fund Accountant,

I found Quest to be very professional. Generally I would not have rated consultant agencies in the past as I thought it better to apply directly, however after working with Quest I would fully recommend them in the future. They found me a company that I was not aware was recruiting, they help me through the whole process and with out them I don’t believe I would have found my new role. I worked with many other recruiters at the time and Quest out shined them all.

Eugene – Fund Accountant,

I had a very positive experience with Quest. I emailed David my CV on a Tuesday, met with him on Wednesday and had the interview with the company on the Friday of the same week. I was also well briefed by David on what to expect in both the interview and the test following the interview.

Shane – Fund Accountant – Butterfield Fulcrum,

I dealt with David I found him extremely helpful and friendly to deal with. He was very quick to get me an interview, he gave me plenty of helpful tips for the interview that helped me to secure the job very quickly.  I would recommend David to fellow collegues in the future, and have already done so.

Claire – Fund Accountant – Custom House,

I personally dealt with Larry when in contact with Quest. Larry was extremely enthusiastic and supportive when I was initially looking for a job. He stayed in contact with me through email and phone and when a role arose that he thought suited my work experience, he would contact me immediately.  Larry prepped me very well for the interview and we even sat down and had a role play type interview the morning of my real interview which took my nerves away and normalized the whole interview process.  I would like to thank Quest for giving me the opportunity of furthering my career in the funds industry by lining up the interview with NT (my current employers).

Peter – Fund Accounting Supervisor,

While dealing with Quest I found them to be highly professional and courteous. I was placed within a Job that satisfies all my employment requirements. Always in frequent contact with me and gave excellent assistance for interview preparation and all other queries I had. Going forward, if I am looking for employment again, Quest will be the first recruitment agency I contact and I will be recommending Quest to friends who also work in the financial industry.

Liam Egan,

David proved to be an invaluable resource in my search for a new role. He quickly identified possible options that we both agreed suited my desired career path. Upon securing an interview I was guided through what I should expect and given an opportunity to undertake a mock interview prior to the real interviews taking place. I have had no hesitation in recommending David and Quest to my friends and colleagues.

Rory, Fund Accountant Supervisor- IFSC,

I was very impressed with the service provided by Quest, had excellent industry knowledge and managed my application effectively. They provided good feedback on my CV, valuable interview prep and kept me updated throughout.

Graeme – Fund Accounting Supervisor,

I found Quest extremely helpful and friendly when entering the process. I was prepped well and provided with lots of information concerning the roll. In the initial days and weeks of taking on the role. A special mention must be made about Emma O’Connor who has also been very helpful and approachable regarding my timesheets and holidays.

Senior Transfer Agent – BNY Mellon ,

From the moment I sent my CV into Quest Recruitment I found them to be very professional and proactive, I got regular feedback from Mark King the Consultant who was looking after me, who could not do enough for me in order to secure employment. I would have no problem recommending Quest to somebody trying to secure employment in the future.

Eamon – Account Manager,

I would highly recommend Larry McCowen. Since meeting Larry a number of months ago I have always found him to be of excellent character. He is honest and open when discussing possible roles. He listens to your requirements and or concerns. He is always at the end of the phone when you need him for whatever the reason, big or small. But besides all of the above Larry is genuinely a great person. I would not hesitate to recommend Larry if you are looking for a reliable agent. I know for sure that if in the future I need the assistance of a recruitment agency Larry will be the first person I contact.

Elaine Waters,

Having recently decided to broaden my skills in the area of the Funds Industry it was recommended to me by an ex-colleague that I make contact with Larry McCowen for guidance with regards to what areas of the business might best be suited to me and potential suitable employers.

Larry listened to what my requirements and objectives were and was quickly able to provide me with details of a number of roles which he felt may be suitable. Having selected the role I was interested in he quickly organised an interview, providing me with all the relevant information required to enable me to interview successfully. Larry is an extremely positive and motivating person and is also very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. I would not hesitate to recommend Larry to anyone who is considering a change of job/career.

Paula Jones,

From the 1st day that I got in contact with Mark and David in Quest Recruitment, I found they were extremely helpful, they helped me to improve my CV and interview techniques which really boosted my confidence with the potential employer. I would highly recommend Quest Recruitment to any person and I believe they would obtain the comprehensive and an excellent service. I would like take this opportunity to thank Quest Recruitment for all their help and support.

Sean Shang – BNY Mellon,

Gavin turned out to be helpful and professional at all times. He answered all my queries immediately both over the phone and email. His support was always of a great importance to me. During the recruitment process his work performance was at the highest level.

Ewa Goral,

I dealt with Gavin Kenny as part of the recruitment process. Gavin was extremely diligent in assisting with my search for a new position, in gaining an insight into the roles and levels I was seeking. Prior to my interview Gavin provided a very detailed interview pack containing a very comprehensive overview of the company I was interviewing with aswell as a one to one meeting to run through general interviews that the interviewing company liked to ask. Gavin was available at all times to answer any questions that I had with regard to process and was able to provided regular updates as to how my application was progressing.  I would have absolutely no problems in using Gavin or Quest again in the future and would happily recommend both.

Shane – Citco Fund Services,

The experience with my consultant was extremely constructive. From the out-set my requirements were dealt with in an efficient and professional manner. The communication between us was informal yet objective which adequately matched my approach in seeking new employment.  I would not hesitate in forwarding my consultants details to potential candidates.

Fund Accounting Supervisor ,

I had the pleasure of dealing with Louise Delaney during my job search between June 18th 2013 and September 11th 2013.  She prepared me for the interview with BNY Mellon. Louise is a real professional with a lot of experience. She always knows what to do in advance to be ready for the next stages of the selection process. I will certainly consider her again in the future if I decide to change jobs.

Andrea Assandri ,

Working with Louise, was like working with a close friend…. From the get go Louise supported me with through every aspect of the process.  She knew exactly the role that I was seeking and helped me secure a fantastic new position. I have already recommended Louise to my colleagues; I really cannot thank her enough for all her continuous support and in depth expertise, a true professional - thanks Louise.

Lynette Corcoran,

Louise Delaney was the consultant that I was dealing with. I found her to be very professional at all times. What I liked about her the most was that she was very down to earth and easy to communicate with. She also kept me informed of the feedback she received from the interviews I did. I believe that her encouragement and commitment were part of the reason that I was successful in finding a job so fast. For that I will always be extremely grateful.

Sheila McDermott,

Louise has been very helpful at all the time, she spend a lot of time on the phone guiding myself how to process and resolved problems. She has very good people skills and I really appreciate her effort. Louise is very dedicated to her work and the way she deals with candidates is superb.

Aleksandra – BNY Mellon,

I would highly recommend Larry for anyone trying to take the next step in their career. He is very honest and open when your discussing any possible roles with him, he always listens to your concerns and your aims. I found him very helpful anytime I contacted him about the positions he advised me on. I know in the future if I need the help of a recruitment consultant that Larry will be the first person I contact. He’s a true professional.

Claire Hearne ,

When I started my job hunt I applied to a lot of recruitment agencies and met with a lot of Consultants.  Larry pays close attention to what you say, to what you’re looking for, as opposed to trying to force you into a role that his agency has to fill, by this, making sure that both company and job seeker match.  I am now happily in a position that fits me.

Mairead O’Keeffe,

Larry is a very professional, knowledgeable, approachable and helpful person. He advised and assisted me every step of the way in the recruitment process and was a pleasure to deal with.

James Quinn – Funds,

Larry was extremely helpful, proactive and hard working while I pursued a change in employment. He worked hard to liaise with the prospective employer, prepared me for the interview process and responded to any questions I had throughout the process. I would highly recommend Larry.

Rain Tan,

I dealt with Louise in Quest recruitment. Louise has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She has been friendly and professional at all times. She has kept me up to date on any updates or progress during my job seeking process. She is easy to contact and has been helpful with any queries I have had. She has made the process a lot easier for me than I first thought. I would highly recommend her to my friends or colleagues.

Trina Collins,

I had dealt with two recruiters when seeking new opportunities to further my career. In that time I had received two offers with the assistance of both recruiters. The distinct difference I would make is that I received a very good offer through the other recruiter, however, with Quest I received a very good offer for a job that I wanted. With the assistance of Louise at Quest she filled the brief we discussed during our first conversation and exceeded my expectations with the offer that came subsequently.

Francis O’Mahony,

Larry was excellent, we only had to meet once and he understood what direction I wanted to take my career and was able to advise me exactly how to go about it. He kept me constantly updated with opportunities that would meet my career criteria and answered every question I had. My experience with Larry was nothing short of excellent and well the results speak for themselves as within 3 weeks of our first conversation I had been offered a new position in a company that I really wanted to work for and in a position that I knew I could really develop myself both professionally and personally.

Ross Wolfe,

My consultant Louise was very professional, and she never gave up in showing to my new employer that I’m the right person for the position.

Mamadi ,

I found the consultant Avril Doyle to be very helpful, courteous and professional. Avril was able to deal with any concerns or issues I had through the whole recruitment process. I had a change of mind during the process and I found Avril very understand towards this and furthermore, when I got back in touch with her a few weeks later regarding any new job offers, she had no issues in dealing with me.It is because of these reasons that I would have no hesitations in contacting Avril again if I am looking for a new role and would definitely recommend her to colleagues and friends of mine.

Hugh - Accountant BNY Mellon,


I would just like to say a big thanks to Avril for the way she dealt with my application into IFS, My needs came first and anything I requested or asked she had a response for me straight away. I could not recommend her enough to a friend or colleague. I would deal with Avril again further down the line if I was looking for a change. Thanks again Avril.








Shane- Senior Associate, Quest

I just would like to say thank you for your time and your assistance on placing me in Bank of New York. I would like to comment on the professionalism of Quest and comment particularly on Louise Delaney. I would have no hesitations in putting either Louise or Quest forward in a professional or personal recommendation. Louise is one of the few recruitment agents to give a truly individual and tailored approach in finding a new career for me. Thanks to all.

Simon, Senior Fund Accountant ,