Fund Accounting Roles

The fund accounting industry in Ireland is rapidly growing due to investors gaining more confident in both the Irish domiciled and non-Irish domiciled markets. As a result more and more fund accounting jobs and fund administration jobs, as well as fund accounting careers in Hedge, Mutual, Structured products, Alternative Investments Funds and many more types are available, promising great opportunities in experience, knowledge and strong career progression.

Opportunities arise in fund accounting for strong graduates and experienced professionals in the Funds Industry who have a keen interest in accounting, problem solving, attention to detail and an interest in the financial markets.

Fund Accounting is at the heart of the fund administration process. It calculates and releases the daily, weekly, monthly NAV - Net Asset Value of a client’s fund. It releases the price on the markets at which investors may subscribe into the fund as well as the market movement of the fund due to its Assets, Liabilities, Expenses and any other movement on the funds’ investments being accounted for on the fund at its valuation points. There are many fund types and structures in Fund Accounting making it a very interesting industry to gain access to and evolve in.

As a fund accountant you will work as part of a team for multiple and individual clients producing their NAV's. You will work with multiple departments to achieve this some of which are Transfer Agency, Financial Reporting, Auditors, Brokers, Bloomberg, Cash and Expenses teams and many more.