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What to Know About the Compliance Jobs Market

There has no doubt been a steady growth in compliance based roles for the last number of years. The growth within this sector can be both attributed to the combination of financial crimes together with steady growth in the financial markets and overall Irish economy. This is why we have answered the two most common questions when it comes to compliance: why work in this industry & what roles are available?

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Irish Funds Annual Global Conference 2017 - The Highlights

On Thursday 25th May, Quest Recruitment partnered as a sponsor and exhibitor at the Irish Funds Annual Global Funds Conference which took place at the Intercontinental Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin.  Having previously attended the Symposium many times before as delegates, sponsors and exhibitors, we knew we would be treated to a day full of exemplary content...

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ICSA Annual Conference 2017

A lively affair on another cracking day in Dublin on Tuesday the annual ICSA Ireland Conference yesterday transformed the Ballsbridge Hotel into a hive of commentary, debate, and insight.Over the course of the day we heard cautionary tales of Corporate Governance failures in the recent past, listened to discussion surrounding the changing role of Corporate Governance professionals, and received technical updates and notice of regulatory issues facing the industry in the near future.

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ACCA Cyber Security Event

Cyber Security is an ever growing and ever changing area of IT and until recently its importance has been grossly underestimated in Ireland. With the new EU regulations being enforced in May 2018, companies are under pressure to implement the correct processes and procedures so that they are compliant with the regulation when it’s implemented. 

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Fund Accounting Careers: What You Should Know

The Fund Accounting industry is not an uncertain one in 2017. This industry is growing rapidly due to investors becoming more and more confident in both the Irish domiciled and non-Irish domiciled markets. If you are intrested in a career in Fund Accounting, then you may find this post useful. It details information such as how much a Fund Accountant can earn, as well as the necessary education and skills needed. 

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Is Accounting a Good Career Choice for me?'

Accounting Choosing a career is always a daunting prospect. How do you know if you’ll like it? What are the hours like? And what are the opportunities for growth? Today we will address some of these questions in relation to jobs in the accounting sector, to help you figure out whether accounting is a good career choice for you. so we thought we’d answer some of these questions in the hope it aids you in your decision.

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General Data Protection Regulation and What You Need To Prepare For


With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 25th May 2018, many companies across a variety of sectors are beginning to prepare for it’s introduction. With this in mind, Quest attended a very informative data protection briefing Thursday, 30th March presented by Gemma Nolan of Mason Hayes & Curran.

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Quest attends HR Champion Awards 2017

Quest were delighted to attend the 2017 Irish HR Champion Awards on Friday 24th of March. These awards took place in the historic Guinness Storehouse and were created to honour the hard work and devotion of HR teams across the country who strive to impact business and organisational performance. The HR Champion Awards recognise the success, innovation and dedication of HR professionals across the board.

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Why Work with a Recruiter When Job Hunting

There are many ways in which working with a recruiter can be highly beneficial for your career. However, there are also some misconceptions about recruitment agencies and the recruitment process that need to be addressed. This blog provides details of the benefits of working with a recruiter but also the times when you shouldn't work with one. 


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Brexit: Forget the 85 page form - we'll help you settle in Ireland!

Brexit When we talk about Brexit there is much talk of the corporations, Financial Services, the passporting regulations and implications that Brexit brings with it. Will they stay in London? Will they leave? But what about you? What does it mean for you, the worker? There is still a lot which is unclear as the Brexit deadline looms closer and closer. What is becoming increasingly clear though, is that Teresa May is not likely to back down and this will almost certainly have negative impacts on non UK passport holders.


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